Meet our Extramural Teacher

Tashai Simons

Graduated from Trinity College London with her Level 6 LTCL teaching degree in Performance Arts, Tashai has ISTD modern dance, RAD ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap dance under her belt, as well as 14 years gymnastics experience.

Previous to joining us full-time at Capriccio! she was teaching performance arts, including music, dance and drama in Australia, as well as piano & vocal lessons with MEGA MUSIC academy and coaching gymnastics with the Activated group for school gymnastics.

Her other qualifications include:

Gr 8 Pop & Rock vocals (honours) at Trinity College London

Cert 2: Visual arts diploma

Cert 3: Music theory & business

Community general coaching certification

She is energetic, creative and her love for children and vibrant passion for the arts motivate her in all she does.

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