At Capriccio! Arts Powered Preparatory, we believe that education should be experienced as an enjoyable adventure – It should provide children with a safe space in which to truly explore and enjoy their creative potential in its widest sense. In the process, their curiosity should awaken naturally, gently propelling them forward to want to know more, instilling in them a life-long love of learning.

With many well-researched models of education available, we believe that it makes sense to integrate different elements that best serve our children’s educational interests in modern times.

True to our arts-powered roots, we are passionate about the power of art education in all its forms, namely music, dance, drama, and visual art.

  • We believe in art as a powerful means of learning, a premise we like to describe as arts-driven learning. The various forms of art have an infinite capacity to affect brain and body and act as a unifying force, a vehicle by which important cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills can be developed and integrated in young children.
  • We believe that children possess an innate property for appreciation and enjoyment of the arts – a deep desire to express themselves through art, which need to be fulfilled in order for them to progress, self-actualize and foster healthy self-esteem.
  • We believe that arts education is essential and profound to developing well-balanced and healthy communities.
  • We offer a loving, family-like learning environment, in keeping with Maria Montessori’s “Casa dei Bambini” concept.


“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

– Albert Einstein