Meet our Extramural Teachers

Tashai Simons

Graduated from Trinity College London with her Level 6 LTCL teaching degree in Performance Arts, Tashai has ISTD modern dance, RAD ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap dance under her belt, as well as 14 years gymnastics experience.

Previous to joining us full-time at Capriccio! she was teaching performance arts, including music, dance and drama in Australia, as well as piano & vocal lessons with MEGA MUSIC academy and coaching gymnastics with the Activated group for school gymnastics.

Her other qualifications include:

Gr 8 Pop & Rock vocals (honours) at Trinity College London

Cert 2: Visual arts diploma

Cert 3: Music theory & business

Community general coaching certification

She is energetic, creative and her love for children and vibrant passion for the arts motivate her in all she does.

Carina Brits

“Sport Stars Unite!”

I am a young, active and energetic teacher who loves what I do and bounces my way through every day.

I obtained a B. Ed. Foundation Phase degree from North West University Potchefstroom. I love sport and recommend participation in physical exercise from as early as possible. I played netball on provincial level and actively participated in hockey, tennis and athletics throughout my life.

Only my passion for children exceeds my love for sport. I believe in creating opportunities for children to learn and grow, developing their unique abilities and talents. Not only is sport good for children’s health and development, it also enhances them on social and cognitive level. Being active is a healthy choice and a feel-good way of life - By helping children participate in sport in a fun and fulfilling way, I add value to young lives that will benefit them now and in future.

Sport Stars Unite! is a physical education program for children that provides a positive, fun and uplifting sport experience for participants. Studies have shown that physical exercise primes the brain for peak performance. The focus of our sport activities are on promoting fitness and participation in ball sensing skills, to encourage sport readiness in children. This is a fun-filled, games-orientated activity once a week in age-relevant groups where our sport teacher guides participants in engaging in physical activities and exercises designed to develop an affinity for sport, while at the same time enhancing their social skills and keeping them active and happy.

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